What to sell on ebay

So you've decided to start up an eBay business have you? Maybe you've picked out a wholesale source and you're ready get your hands dirty as an eBay retailer. Your awesome wholesale supplier has thousands upon thousands of items, so it should be easy to make a fortune, right?

What to sell on ebay

Well, maybe not. Not everything sells well on eBay. I take that back. Everything does sell well on eBay... if the price is right. And that's what really sticks a thorn in your side. Thousands of wholesale products, but so few that you can resell on eBay for a worthy profit. Am I right?

One of the most common complaints I hear from would-be entrepreneurs looking to hit it big with online auctions is that they can't find a decent product source with wholesale pricing low enough for them to turn a profit with. But the reality is that virtually any product source of respectable size -- whether they claim to be wholesale or not -- will have items that are quite capable of turning a tidy profit on eBay. You just have to know what to look for.

To start with, you've got to do some deep research. At a high level, that means choosing a product and searching through eBay's completed item listings to see how much the item is selling for. That is the most basic research you can do that will provide effective results. Only problem is that it is a long and tedious process.

The good news is that the longer you do it, the easier it gets. You start to get a feel for what might or might not sell well. In time, your research time will grow shorter and shorter, and pretty soon you might even find your groove, settle into a specific product niche, and start on your path to eBay super stardom.

To make life easier, you might want to take a look at some heavy-duty research software such as Terapeak. Trust me, using something like Terapeak makes researching items much easier.

And don't forget to use eBay's tools like "Want It Now" (where buyers tell you exactly what it is they want to buy, which can help you narrow down your search field) and eBay Pulse (a listing of the most popular searches).

It might take a little practice. But with time and experience, you'll not only be an eBay selling expert, but an eBay research genius too.

What to sell on ebay


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